The Spectacle

India ranks No.2 in the world population with huge happenings of Weddings & Ceremonies, No.1 in producing the highest number of movies in the entire cinema market, No.4 in Broadcast Industry. There are enormous House of Worship Centres in India and much more. In today's busy world, Professionals find it difficult to spend time to travel for visiting expo or to reach the Market Hub that is situated 1500 or 3000 km away from their source. So, when there is a huge demand for the Sound, Light & Entertainment Industry, especially in South India, ProWAVE facilitates the South Indian buyers to reach their nearest possible destinations by bringing all their needs under one roof. We take this expanding market much closer to the Demand, thus (i) enhancing the market to expand easily, (ii) reach unexplored regions, (iii) creating new Business tie-ups, (iv) touch and feel experience for the users (v) bringing the Bootleg market to an end. The companies participating in our show have expanded to new branches resulting in (i) cutting down of logistics cost, (ii) creating more reliability and bonding with customers (iii) more after-sales service options, (iv) local state banks tie-ups with EMI facilities to the buyers thus motivating more purchase. So, ProWAVE Expo creates more purchase and branding opportunities when conducted thrice in a year at major territorial hubs of unexplored markets of South India.

Hyderabad Market

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh play a vital role in the field of Sound and Light. Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, has been a symbol of royal grandeur and opulence. Royal Weddings, Major Events & Stage Shows take place in massive numbers as there is an ample number of grand venues  & sufficient Vendors in Hyderabad. This city plays a hub role for the entire state of Telangana, as a result, the Sound & Light Rental and Event Management Industry is extensively flourishing in this part. Due to the recent IT boom in Cyberabad, the growth of Night Life, Events, Shows, Live Bands have spread across the place and serves as a larger potential invite to the Sound, Light and Music Industry Market. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is occupied by people who are staunch in their ways of worshipping their gods and  celebrate festivals in a grandeur manner, which brings the large number of House of Worship Centres in close connect to the Industry . 100 plus Satellite TV channels, Cable channels , Broadcast Stations, Internet Radios operate from Hyderabad. The Tollywood, Film Industry in Hyderabad, stands No.1 in Indian Cinema by creating more number of films in a year. The Studio & Production needs is obviously growing more when compared with any other parts of India. Moreover , the connectivity to the neighboring states and regions lies in close proximity and ranges only between 2 to 6 hours of travel which paves way to the visitors to gather in large and plan the visit with ease. Having multi-linguistic crowd settled in Hyderabad, there wil be no language barriers between the exhibtors & the clients. This 8th  Edition of the Expo is expected to have a powerful dominance in the Pro Sound, Light, Installation & Entertainment Industry attracting Trade Visitors from all across South India.  The Expo has started to grab the attention of industry professionals from the North & Eastern parts of  India as well. People from all across South India are extremely familiar with this city and can reach over-night from anywhere from the Southern States. 

Expo Brochure

The Venue


Classic Convention Centre 3 is a modern sophisticated columnless A/C Expo centre located in Hyderabad City. It has a 45,000 Sq. Ft Hall with ample outdoor space & parking lots. The venue is located just 4 km from Airport and is absolutely free from the city’s traffic, well connected by Public Transports and Private Cabs. The nearest Railway station is Shamsabad Railway Station. The Hall is being divided into 2 phases, Hall A ( Zero Sound Zone ) and Hall B ( Decibel Control Zone ). For easy access for the visitors/exhibitors, Shuttles will be organized during the expo dates from major crowd gathering points of the city.