India ranks No.2 in the world population with huge happenings of Weddings & Ceremonies, No.1 in producing the highest number of movies in the entire cinema market, No.4 in Broadcast Industry. There are enormous House of Worship Centres in India and much more. In today's busy world, Professionals find it difficult to spend time to travel for visiting expo or to reach the Market Hub that is situated 1500 or 3000 km away from their source. So, when there is a huge demand for the Sound, Light & Entertainment Industry, especially in South India, ProWAVE facilitates the South Indian buyers to reach their nearest possible destinations by bringing all their needs under one roof. We take this expanding market much closer to the Demand, thus (i) enhancing the market to expand easily, (ii) reach unexplored regions, (iii) creating new Business tie-ups, (iv) touch and feel experience for the users (v) bringing the Bootleg market to an end. The companies participating in our show have expanded to new branches resulting in (i) cutting down of logistics cost, (ii) creating more reliability and bonding with customers (iii) more after-sales service options, (iv) local state banks tie-ups with EMI facilities to the buyers thus motivating more purchase. So, ProWAVE Expo creates more purchase and branding opportunities when conducted thrice in a year at major territorial hubs of unexplored markets of South India.

Upon successfully establishing a new cult in Kerala, Team ProWAVE Expo is all set to step into the Capital City of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. This 7th  Edition of the Expo is expected to have a powerful dominance in the Pro Sound, Light, Installation & Entertainment Industry attracting Trade Visitors from all across South India.  The Expo has started to grab the attention of industry professionals from the North & Eastern parts of  India as well. Our Promotion Campaign will attract International Visitors from major cities of Sri Lanka since the close proximity. Having a 10.31 Million Population, Chennai is the third-highest-income Indian city by GDP per capita. South India’s vast market is open for business with more than 20,000 + Rental Companies, 10,000+ Houses of Worship, 8,000 + Event Management Companies, 4500+ Auditoriums & Halls, 1650+ Recording Studios, 7000 + Theatres, 1200 + Pubs & Clubs, 150+ Satellite Channels, 1500 + Colleges, 80+ Radio Stations, 600 + DJ Academies, 150 + Malls & Multiplexes and much more. The 426 km² City is well-connected with-in by all modes of public & private transportations. People from all across South India are extremely familiar with this city and can reach over-night from anywhere from the Southern States. Bangalore, Tirupati & Pondicherry are major places located nearby with access at ease. The Chennai Metropolitan Area is one of the largest municipal economies of India. Chennai is nicknamed "The Detroit of India", with more than one-third of India's automobile industry being based in the city. Home to the Tamil film industry, Chennai is also known as a major film production center. 



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Chennai Trade Centre – The gateway to trade and Business is situated at Nandambakkam at a distance of 5.5 km from Chennai International Airport and connected by road facilitating easy access from the Chennai city and major international business hubs.  Promoted jointly by India Trade Promotion Organisation (Government of India) and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (Government of Tamil Nadu), Chennai Trade Centre has established itself as the most sought out destination for all trade-related activities in South India.  Chennai Trade Centre is the ideal destination for industrial and trade exhibition, conference, conventions, company Get together and anything and everything for the promotion of Trade Industry. Chennai Trade Centre spread over 25.48 acres of prime land the centre has three large Exhibition Halls and a Convention Centre. The three exhibition halls extend over 10560 Square meters of air-conditioned space, without any intermittent pillars or columns.  The exhibition halls and Convention Centre are interconnected. Chennai Convention Centre’s facilities are of international standards and include a range of halls from 250 Sq.ft to 20,000 Sq.ft accommodating from 25 to 2000 delegates.  The Convention Centre has two halls – A and B- with a total seating capacity of 2000 delegates.

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