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​PRO WAVE EXPO ( Professional World Audio Video Entertainment Expo ) is a Professional B2B Expo organized in various places in India since 2017. This is an Industry-specific Expo dedicated to the Professional Stage Sound & Lights, Trussing & Rigging, Audio Visual Technologies, Studio Recording & Acoustic Solutions, Broadcast Media Utilities, LED Wall Solutions & House of Worship Installations. The expo majorly focuses on reaching the professionals & enthusiasts of the above-mentioned Industries and serving as an excellent platform to bring the market close to them and create new business opportunities thus resulting in expansion of the market. Many major recognized Brands of the International & Indian Market have been enthusiastically participating in this Expo and expanding their territories of operations. Major National & State Associations and Media Partners continue to render their extended support to the success of every edition. This revolutionizing concept began its venture in 2017 at Bangalore, marking a significant leap in the history of the Sound & Light Industry by exposing the concept of Trade Fair to the people of this same industry who were new to the concept of Trade Fairs. They were backdated with the market updates and the amount of interest spent by any Organizer in reaching these unexploited territories was very less. But we wanted them to be benefited and keep up with the pace of the World market in India. We reached almost every interior part of the Southern States, educated them about the concept & made them visualize the benefits which stand as the real success of this Expo besides the commercial growth. A new market was born... Since then, PRO WAVE Expo has seen 6 wonderful Editions in a quick succession of 2 years and the increasing amount of response from this Industry people is enormous. Hundreds of Business Opportunities have been created and the South Indian Market is drastically expanding in the last few years. 

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